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Use everyday gestures on your device to SWIPE, TAP, SHAKE, and TWIST through a fun experience for ALL ages!

How to Play

Perform the gesture on the screen before the time runs out. The more points you score, the less time you have to get the next one right. Can you keep up with Sasha?

Be Careful

If you don't see "Sasha Says", don't perform the gesture or it's game over!

Easy to Play

Perform common gestures on your phone or tablet (i.e. swipe, tap, pinch) to reach a new high score. Toddlers, seniors, and everyone in-between can enjoy the experience!

In-App Exercise

Improve your dexterity and brain power!

Simple, yet challenging gameplay

As your score increases, so does the speed of the game!

About Sasha

Sasha Says that gestures are the universal language of the cosmos. She works very hard at her craft and is currently seeking to become Gesture Entertainer of the Year. Would you vote for Sasha?

Download Now

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad!

Splash House Studios

Splash House Studios was founded by Tremayne Toorie in 2017 and is the creative force behind Sasha Says. We work hard to make apps fun for all and fair for all.

Download Now

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad!

About our team

A group dedicated to Global Gesturization!

Tremayne Toorie

Partner, Creator, and Head Developer

Sasha S.

President of Gesture Coordination

Adrian McDaniel

Partner and Senior Developer


Contact us

If you have feedback on our game. We value your input!

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